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Hi qwerty, this is because the old tutorial used an old version of the Android Facebook SDK. In the new one the APPID needs to be passed to theHello, Thanks for the tutorils. i just need to login and get user information like username, email, etc. do not need to share. how can I change the code? can Here is my code for facebook me request.i want to get user email and other basic info.this code is work without any issue in emulator.but in real device email gives null value. id,fristname comes with real values. how can i get email on real compile Then re sync the project. The SDK package will be downloaded and integrated.Add facebook App ID.

I integrated Facebook login in my android application. I want to get email id of login user. How will I get it? send email and id to your web server. Log.e("Result1", response.getRawResponse()) Email codedump link for Facebook Android SDK 4.5.0 get email address. Email has been send. You have two options to get the email of the Facebook userOverride public void onComplete(Profile profile) . String id profile.getId()android,facebook,facebook-android-sdk,java. Share this I am using facebook sdk 4.2 for my android app. But I was unable to get the my email and it show no value for email. However, I can get other value such as name, link, id, gender. The code i have for the login is standard: public ActionResult Logi. Facebook android sdk not returning users email.

I am trying to get the users email for my app and it is returning null.I want to know how to access the user email id using facebook-csharp-sdk below is the code I am us. Lets begin with latest Facebooks SDK for Android, it should take only a few minutes to addIntegrate Facebook Login in our Android App.Get User profile detail like User ID, Profile Picture, Email, First Name, Last Name and more. Here is my code for getting user information after facebook login. I am trying to get emailid from user I am getting Name , id , but not getting the emailid .I have tried with the Login Button and Login Manager class both giving the same results . Now how to get email id from response how to get email id from facebook sdk in android applications?Getting email address by using Facebook SDK 3.0.1 for Android. Android how to get email from facebook sdk. android facebook loginbutton automatically sign in. Details of some facebook friends not coming in facebook sdk.hiAndroid facebook app sharing not working. What is a Page ID for the place field in Post Facebook Graph API? android:name"com.facebook.sdk.ApplicationId". android:value"string/ facebookappid"/> <.If you request the email permission it is not guaranteed you will get an email address. Learn easy steps to login with Facebook Android SDK and save user details. Mostly apps use Facebook login feature to get user infoprivate Button facebookbutton ProgressDialog progress private String facebookid,fname, mname, lname, gender, profileimage, fullname, emailid How to integrate Facebook Login in android app and show get Facebook user profile image in app with name and email.Then click on Create App ID . 6. At front of Facebook Login click on Get Started.compile This code id working for me. LoginManager.getInstance().registerCallback(callbackManagerWhat is the best way to prevent spammers from getting the email address fro. Mark the selected user as checked in FriendPicker ( Facebook SDK for Android). Next we will fill Display Name, Contact Email and select our application category..loginButton (LoginButton) findViewById( 2. We need to get read permissions compile It will download facebook sdk and will take some cam ve get the emailid after login or whow can we fetch the email id in facebook. The Facebook SDK for Android is the easiest way to integrate your Android app with Facebook.Account Kit - Log people in with just their phone number or email address.To get a Facebook App ID, configure your apps settings, and import the Facebook SDK, click on the button below and follow parameters.putString("fields", "id,name,email") request.setParameters(parameters) compile Get user email, id, token and other profile related information in onSuccess Method as. As far as I know If I am able to get facebook unique id for that person, I can get all the information I guess.Tags: java android facebook-graph-api facebook-android-sdk.String email user.asMap().get("email").toString() I am using only one button when i click on the button then i want to get the email id.Dont forget to add this dependency in your gradle build file compile com. If youre an Android app developer, then youd be definitely familiar with the benefits of getting started with Facebook SDK on Android.Once youre done with creating the new app, youll receive a unique app id that would allow your app to stand out from the crowd. Head over to Facebook Developer website to create your app and get your application ID by clicking on the add a new app button as shown below.The minimum android SDK for this Facebook SDK is API 15. We already covered the topics where developers can use the Facebook SDK to integrate Facebook Login, get User Email, User information such as name, number, etc and share content from Android app to Facebook.print id, page name and number of like of facebook page. Facebook php sdk v4.0 part 1 - Login and get name of user - Продолжительность: 10:11 packetcode 133 058 просмотров.Facebook SDK in Android Studio - Продолжительность: 2:45 shafik shaikh 11 348 просмотров. android December 30,2017 3. Here is my code for getting user information after facebook login. I am trying to get emailid from user I am getting Name , id , but not getting the emailid .I have tried with the Login Button and Login Manager class both giving the same results . Before integrating Facebook SDK to your android app you have to create a Facebook app on your Facebook developer console.Tech Morphosis. Superb dude I used ur Twitter and facebook code , everything works great :) How do I get email ID from facebook API ? For getting email from facebook, try it something like below. String email user.asMap().get("email").toString() Textview mEmail (TextView) findViewById(R. id.textView1) mEmail.setText(email) By using this above code i am successfully able to get the email of facebbok Android: How to Convert String RGB Value to Color to use in View. 200 permissions error on Facebook Graph API for doing event attending despite having rsvpevent and userevent privileges in my access token.

I am trying to get the logged in users id and email. Here is my code Link Facebook SDK. Get Key Hash Value. Create Facebook App. Add App ID. Changes in Manifest file.In our Facebook Integration in Android Studio example, to get user info, following permissions are required: strong > basicinfo. email. Here is how to get the logged in users id and email.public void onCompleted(GraphUser user,Response response) . if (user ! null) . Log.i(TAG,"User ID " user.getId()) User email is not coming in facebook login api. Retrive Email Id from FaceBook Login in application. Get Facebook Profile in Android. Facebook SDK Android. We created App Id. Now to setup Facebook product, here we are going to login with Facebook in our Android Application. Hence we will click on the Get Started button in theNext articleAndroid Share Images or Content To Facebook From Android Application Tutorial using Facebook SDK. Browse other questions tagged android facebook email permissions or ask your own question. asked.How can I send emails from my Android application? 1097. Android SDK installation doesnt find JDK. 882. How to get the build/version number of your Android application? What Facebook SDK for Android has inside? Login It lets people easily sign in to your app with their Facebook identity/account.With great effort, we completed Facebook SDK setup, going forward use the Application ID got created in Step 1 in Android applications that interact with Facebook. Facebook login in Android apps Using latest SDK.Now enter your email id in Contact email field. and then save the changes. You need to provide this info otherwise your facebook app will not be activated. Facebook has an official SDK for Android platform that can be used easily by developers to integrate their application.line 8: Set the Facebook application id, use the App ID from Facebook application settings page as described above. One possible problem is that Facebook assumes that your email is invalid. To test it, use the Graph API Explorer and try to get it. If even there you cant get your email, change it in your profile settings and try again. FacebookActivity class uses R.layout.comfacebookactivitylayout and R. id.comfacebookfragmentcontainer.facebook sdk android. facebook doesnt recognize my email. Facebook SDK for Android. Helps you build engaging social apps and get more installs.Account Kit. App login using just a phone number or email address — no password needed. Before calling Session.openActiveSession do this to get permissions add this: List permissions new ArrayList() permissions.add(" email") The last parameter in Session.openActiveSession() should be permissions. You can use one Facebook app ID in multiple Android apps. Just use the same app ID in another app for login, sharing, and so on.For more information, see Getting Started Android SDK - Create a Development Key Hash. Get a Facebook App ID. All apps that use the Facebook SDK must be registered with Facebook.compile to your build.gradle dependenciesprivate String facebookid,fname, mname, lname, gender, profileimage, fullname, emailid Facebook login works but how can I get users email address from Facebook in android?LoginButton loginButton (LoginButton)findViewById( According to Firebase crash report I am getting huge amount of fatal exception because of Facebook SDK. Logging Bridges. Mail Clients. Maven Plugins. Mocking.Top Categories. Home » » facebook-android-sdk. Now the account Im using to test provides one for sure but for unknown reason the facebook SDK only provides the userid and the fullname of the accountIm confused on this since the the SDK3 and above provides more information than the updated SDK4 and Im lost on how to get the email as all We will fetch information like first name, last name, email, gender , facebook id and birth date from facebbok. We will integrate it by using Facebooks latest SDK.Getting maximum advantage from Integrate Facebook login in Android Example. Link donate : Facebook : The Facebook SDK for Android enables people to sign into your app with Facebook Login.sir is there any link to get the code because i am having problem with Graph Request request.

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