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James Patrick Holding responds to Paul H. Seelys claims that the Bible teaches that the earth is flat.It is so equivocal that one may read into the text either a flat earth or a round one.Finally, Seely deals with some Scriptures outside of Genesis that concern the nature of the earth, beginning Actually ancient civilizations such Egyptians and the Mayans knew the earth was round prior to the bible being authored. What scripture is there that suggest a round earth or flat earth?The claim that the Bible depicts a flat earth is out of misinformation spread against the Bible. Some of the Scriptural references are used with an aim of justifying this hollow claim. Explore Round Earth, Earth Science, and more!Flat Earth Conspiracy Scary Conspiracy Theories Flat Earth Proof Flat Earth Dome Globe Earth Hollow Earth Bible Truth Planet Earth Flats. Science Catches Up to the Bible. The Bibles hint in Isaiah about the earths shape is the earliest information man has on the subject.What have you seen with your own eyes that confirms the earth is round?"Scripture cannot be broken." It is 120 years, 70 years etc. or is it not explicitly stated in the Bible? Does it say anywhere in the Bible that the Earth is round? What is the interpretation of this scripture that states, Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven See: Is the earth a round, spinning ball.At the 1984 National Bible-Science Conference in Cleveland, geocentrist James N. Hanson told me there are hundreds of scriptures that suggest the earth is immovable. Bible skeptics frequently use these three verses to argue that Scripture teaches that the earth is flat.Why? They probably realize that a square earth with corners does not agree with their model of a round, flat earth. Question: Sirs: I have been told there is a reference in the Bible (probably Old Testament) to the earth being round. Can you help me locate the specific Scripture? Thanks God Bless. A:The Bible does not say this directly, as sphere and spherical do not appear in the Bible, but we may presume this, according to this scripture which refers to the creatorNeither verse describes the earth as round in the sense of being spherical. Have we been so deceived so dumb downed or was God not ready for us to re-examine this portion of the bible until now? Im unable to transcribe these videos intore terms: flat vs circular, vs sphere, vs round. When we review biblical scripture the word circular is what describes the earth: Scripturesscripture earth round bible scripture earth has no sorrow bible scripture earthquakes in divers places bible scripture earthen vessels bible scripture earthquakes bibleExplore 41 apps like Bible Scripture Earth, all suggested and ranked by the Similarapps user community. Sort alternatives.

Scriptural references such as Revelation 7:1 are cited, which speaks of four angels standing at the four corners of the earth.Are the critics correct? Is the Bible anti-science in its teaching that the earth is flat? Claim CH131: The Bible says the earth is round, showing that its authors were inspired to understand science beyond their time.If this information was known by educated Greeks and Egyptians during biblical times, its use by Isaiah is nothing special. Documenting the existence of "the international flat earth, Someone else responds: funny, my bible says "he compasseth the day from the night" indicating that the earth is a sphere ( round). all this proves is that one can The inerrancy of scripture by tim challies - Scripture Earth. December 13, 2017 . Wycliffe Bible Translators USA December 11 at 1:51pm Marianna Slocum, a pioneering woman in Bible translation, went home to be with the Lord last week at the age of 99. Many a skeptic claims that the Bible depicts a flat earth. Scriptural references such as Revelation 7:1 areIn contrast to the supposed "flat earth" verses, there are numerous Scriptures which showThe round-earth idea is further supported by Jesus in Luke 17:31, 34: "On that day, let the one who The monk Bede (c.

672735) wrote in his influential treatise on computus, The Reckoning of Time, that the Earth was round. He explained the unequal length of daylight from "the roundness of the Earth, for not without reason is it called the orb of the world on the pages of Holy Scripture and of ordinary Teaching Of Scripture Regarding The Earth Being Immovable- Revelation 20:8. The number of verses that teach the earth is a round spinning ball orbiting the sun?If one believes that they should begin with this evil system and use the Bible as a footnote, you have already been defeated. Allowing the bible to speak for itself. The bible and the still flat earth. If youD rather watch and listen thanIn Revelation, maybe Jesus has booked a round-the-world tour before touching down (despite the fact that Scripture seems to be saying Hes booked a The Bible had refuted the flat earth theory long before scientists actually disproved it.Job 22:14 says the earth is round. And He walks above the circle of heaven.17:11, and many other Scriptures reflect hygienic or medical knowledge far in advance of its time. If the Bible came from the mouth of God, then the scriptures are believable when they speak of Jesus Christ and accurate when they touch the realm of science.You may be surprised to learn that the Bible revealed that the earth is round. Bible Scriptures Which Describe Earths Stationary State.Sixty-Seven Scriptural References Which Tell Us That It Is The Sun And Not The Earth That Moves The Scriptures tell us that the earth is round: "It is he that sits upon the circle of the earth" (Isaiah 40:22). The word translated "circle" here is the Hebrew word chuwg, which is also translated "circuit" or "compass" (depending on the context). Its easier to accept what Science spoon feed us but its unwise to put the Bible under it and into figurative speech mode. The Earth is flat and the ends of it prove it.According to the Scriptures, there are four corners of the Earth. Answer: Many a skeptic claims that the Bible depicts a flat earth.In contrast to the supposed flat earth verses, there are numerous Scriptures that clearly indicate otherwise.The round earth is further supported by Jesus in Luke 17:31,34: In that day, he who is on the housetop, and his goods These were the great scriptures of Bible that gives strong belief of flat earth. I have few doubts:- 1)Are sun,moon,other planets,stars also flat?Because the earth is round. No you cant see beyond your eyes perspective. For further evidence that the earth is round, or a "circle" as Scripture describes.Some are answered using bad science and some even go so far and to twist Bible Scripture to make their theology work. As time goes on, this section will no doubt grow. Scripture: The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof the world and they that dwell therein for He hath foun Jed Tea, the earths going round, I am certain of that, " (I wish for a while twould be still)33:69.) The Bible recognizes no long ages in w hich the earth was slowly evolved from chaos. Many non-believers claim that the Bible states that the earth is flat.

But when looking at the original Hebrew texts of the Old Testament scriptures, we can easily find that there is no Hebrew word for spherical. Many believe that the Bible teaches that the earth is flat (or a flat disk). Both assumptions are incorrect. There are a number of Scriptures that indicateTherefore, from Gods heavenly perspective looking down upon the earth from every location the earth would appear round from every perspective Response Article. This article (Bible says the earth is round (Talk.Origins)) is a response to a rebuttal of a creationist claim published by Talk.Origins Archive under the title Index to Creationist Claims. Index. Scripture Earth Index. This site provides access to the Bible (Scriptures in Old Testament and New Testament) in indigenous languages—text, audio, and video formats to download to.Scripture Earth Is Round. Welcome to the official Scripture Earth application for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Bible Scripture Earth. A: The Christian faith recognizes the Bible above all other sources of knowledge as the inspired word of God. Teaching that contradicts the Bible is false, by definition.In the case of the earths shape, scripture never explicitly states the shape of our planet, but it does confirm a round earth implicitly in Common among Christian Biblical scholars and Christians that want to claim their scripture contains advanced scientific foreknowledge that was provided or inspired by God. A typical example is the verse that allegedly claims the Earth is a sphere. Would this be possible on a round earth? Or are you saying the Bible is wrong?1. A flat earth is still round, hence no corners. Anyway, Scripture is poetry, not a science textbook. As honest Bible students, we must acknowledge the clarity of this passage. Yahuwah forbid that we twist the Scriptures to agree with mansfrom the observer (which should be the case if they are beyond the alleged point of curvature on a round Earth) On a ball Earth under the force of "gravity The Bible indicates that the earth is round. Consider Isaiah 40:22 which mentions the circle of the earth.Narrowing in on the beginning of this scriptures the bible says "the circle of the earth." Yet, astonishingly, the Earth is still round! So what we have is a section of land gathered, and water is surrounding all of the visible or dry land in a spherical dimension.This should cover most all of the scriptures found in any place of the Bible which are suggested to mean the entire earth is flat. At a time when the mysteries of old are beginning to come to light, we find ourselves wondering the most basic of thoughtsis the earth round or flat?At the 1984 National Bible-Science Conference in Cleveland, geocentrist James N. Hanson told me there are hundreds of scriptures that suggest the Round Earth (Flat False) Scripture Proof, Pre Trib Rapture, Chuck Missler Matthew 24 - Продолжительность: 4:00 Gary McGoff 3 603 просмотра.Earth is round in the bible before science proves this fact! Can you just pretend that youve never heard about the Earth being a globe or flat?Dont rely on your previous knowledge, ponder on these scriptures and ask yourself: What is the Bible really showing me concerning the nature of the heavens, the earth, the sun, moon and stars? No, this false idea is not taught in Scripture.Proverbs 8:27 also suggests a round Earth by use of the word circle (e.g New King James Bible and New American Standard Bible). What scripture is there that suggest a round earth or flat earth?The idea of a flat earth is not found in the Bible or in ancient Christian thought. The notion that people thought it was was invented almost simultaneously, but apparently independently, by two 19th-century authors. (From the NIV Bible, Job 11:9)". Does Isaiah 40:22 really say that Earth is Round? It is quite clear that the above Biblical Verses suggest and claim that the Earth is flat, has Edges, has Four Corners, has Pillars, and has Foundations. (4) This earth, although covered all round with a solid crust, is all on fire within.This was mentioned in the Bible long before learned men had found it out for themselves by observation. It is spoken of in the Book of Job, about three thousand years ago (Job 28:5). We often read also in Scripture of the These. Scriptures were penned centuries before a spherical earth was confirmed.Despite the preceding qualifications about reading and interpreting Scripture, we cannot locate a single verse in So, the authors of the Hebrew Bible simply lacked the vocabulary to describe a perfectly round object Free. Size: 6.3 MB. iOS. Welcome to the official Scripture Earth application for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Check out all kinds of content that interests you. After youve downloaded and enjoyed the content, you can share it with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email. The Scripture makes it quite clear that the earth is a sphere (Isaiah 40:22). Some have tried to say there are four knobs, or peaks on a round earth.Proverbs 8:27 also suggests a round earth by use of the word circle (e.g New King James Bible and New American Standard Bible).

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