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One Direction fans have united with followers of 5 Second of Summer to co-opt a hashtag that began trending ahead of a controversial interview with the Australian rockers in Rolling Stone magazine. The band 5 Seconds of Summer have come under fire after extracts of their upcoming interview with Rolling Stone magazine have been released. Now it seems the 5 Seconds of Summer singer has finally fessed up to finding love. The Aussie heartthrob joined bandmate Michael Clifford in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine to discuss their new single Shes Kinda Hot and let slip that he has a girlfriend. 5 Seconds Of Summer interview for New Years Rockin Eve 16. 01:58. 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist hair catches alight on stage.5 Seconds of Summer, 5SOS, Rolling Stones, Cover, magazine, 5 Seconds of Summer Naked. In continuation from the previous post here which you may have read, it seems 5 Seconds of Summer was not happy with the crappy way they were portrayed in their Rolling Stone interview. On Christmas Day, Rolling Stone released their January issue showcasing the very naked 5 Seconds of Summer bandmates.The interview was the most detailed to date for the Australian band. Available now, is a special edition 5 Seconds of Summer poster book, featuring 13 new posters, as well as an exclusive photographs by Max Doyle and an interview with the band by Rolling Stone editor-in-chief, Matt Coyte. Did 5 Seconds of Summer tell Rolling Stone magazine, make us look like complete bros?When fans start reading the new cover story, they will probably worry that the RS reporter is painting the band in a bad light by writing about them, rather than publishing a black-and-white QA interview with them. Im already seeing a few male fans start to pop up, and thats cool. If the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and all those guys can do it, we can do it, too.

Read the full 5 Seconds of Summer interview at Rolling Stone. INTERVIEW: 5 Seconds of Summer. Trending Videos. Geordie Shore.5SOSs Ashton Irwin Calls Out Rolling Stone For Photoshopping His Thighs. 5SOS Went Completely Naked For The Cover Of Rolling Stone, Talk A LOT About Sex. Aussie pop punk band 5 Seconds of Summer has quite the stir on Twitter after a Rolling Stone cover features the band members naked and making sexist comments in the featured interview. music Updated: Dec 27, 2015 14:40 IST. Rolling Stone magazine has unveiled its first edition of 2016, and the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer have stripped down for the front cover honors.Rolling Stone RollingStone. Los Angeles, Dec 27: Australian pop punk band 5 Seconds of Summer have come under fire after its members posed naked for a magazine cover.

However, fans have been left reeling due to the content of the bands interview in the issue5sos on rolling stones magazine! pic.twitter.com/KyR5R8XEyg. The guys of 5 Seconds of Summer stand totally unclothed while posing for the cover of Rolling Stones new issue. The band made up of Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford gave their most candid interview yet toFor more from the band, visit RollingStone.com! 5 Seconds of Summers Michael Cifford messed up royally by dropping Justin Biebers name in his bands Rolling Stone interview. The Aussie lads talk sex with fans, fleshlights and pose completely nude. Australian pop-rockers 5 Seconds of Summer have always been seen as a decidedly safe teen rock group.A rather explosive interview and photoshoot with Rolling Stone has the bands fans in a tailspin, caught The new Rolling Stone issue due to hit newsstands next week will feature 5 Seconds of Summer baring all, both physically and metaphorically, as theThe story opens with the author, Patrick Doyle, describing what seems like an awkward morning interview after the band was clearly up all night The rise of Australian pop-punk band 5 Seconds of Summer has been quick and wild, and their success has reached new heights with the release of their first ever Rolling Stone cover. The stories and scandals revealed in the Five Seconds of Summer interview are pretty intense, to say the least It looks like Rowan Blanchard wasnt the only star to take offense at 5 Seconds of Summers Rolling Stone interview. Justin Bieber responded to the boys interview via a series of tweets yesterday, December 26. Videos Interviews. Trailers.A post shared by Rolling Stone (rollingstone) on Dec 26, 2015 at 6:45am PST.New Music Round-Up: Janelle Mone, RAYE 5 Seconds of Summer. 5SOS 2018 Tour Is Coming To London In April! 5 giy of Summer.They were framed!!!11. Im just here for their music. Wait, what interview? sarabeara posted hn mt nm qua. view results | next poll >>. "the Au interview - 5 Seconds of Summer". 1 August 2011.Rolling Stone. Retrieved 22 September 2015. Collar, Matt. 5SOS shocked fans with their new Rolling Stone interview. Luke Hemmings has been accused of degrading women with his "disgusting" comments, while Calum Hood laughed off his nude photo scandal from last year. But other Five Seconds of Summer fans are standing by the band with the 5 Seconds of Summer covers the new issue of Rolling Stone. Going nude for the provocative cover, the foursome are covered in various labels and phrases.If the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and all those guys can do it, we can do it, too. Read more on RollingStone.com. [Interview]: 5 Seconds Of Summer. Talking to bass player / mega-heartthrob Calum Hood from "The Worlds Hottest Band" 5SOS ahead of their Saturday show in Shanghai.SmSh: So, that Rolling Stone interview. It was the Rolling Stone interview heard round the world (or, at least among the 5SOSFam). While it should be listed as a crowning achievement that a group of guys in their late teens/early twenties graced the cover of the renowned music magazine, the members of 5 Seconds of Summer are In case you arent familiar, 5 Seconds of Summer is an Australian pop punk band who got famous from YouTube covers and toured with One Direction. In a recent Rolling Stone interview, band member Michael Clifford said of Justin Bieber: I think he hates us. 5 Seconds Of Summer appeared (naked!) in Rolling Stone Magazine this week, but its not the photo thats causing controversy — its a quote in their interview about none other than Justin Bieber! Related: Uh-oh! A day after pop-rock band 5 Seconds Of Summers Michael Clifford claimed in an interview with Rolling Stone that Justin Bieber hated them and had his own album on loop for, like, two or three hours at an American Music Awards after-party Now we can add Patrick Doyles take down of Aussie group 5 Seconds of Summer.5SOSs manager Matt Emsell also allowed the four lads to be photographed for the cover of Rolling Stone naked yes, naked, in their birthday suits. Australian pop-punk band 5 Seconds of Summer are on the cover of the newest issue of Rolling Stone. And dang, their lives sound awesome.INTERVIEWS. PHOTOS. 5 Seconds Of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford is said to have been left shaken after an appearance on James Cordens US talk show.Read the bands full interview in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine. My rant on the 5sos Rolling Stone interview.Ariana Grande and 5 Seconds of Summer lead midweek charts. Ed Sheerans x holds on to album No.1, beating 5 Seconds of Summer. Looks like 5 Seconds of Summer has some explaining to do following their much talked-about Rolling Stone interview.Still, Bieber isnt the only one who has issues with 5 Seconds of Summers Rolling Stone interview. One day after Christmas, Rolling Stone decided to reveal their latest cover featuring the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer.Quincy Jones Apologizes for Questionable Interviews. 2018 Oscars Performers Include Gael Garca Bernal, Mary J. Blige and Common. On the day of the interview, at a house in the Los Angeles suburb of Bel Air, the four-piece roll out of bed just afterVenture into the wild life of 5 Seconds of Summer with our new cover story https— Rolling Stone (RollingStone) December 26, 2015. "I probably shouldnt say this, but he had his Luke Hemmings confirmed that he and Arzaylea are a couple in the controversial Rolling Stone interview that ruined the Christmas holiday for so many 5 Seconds of Summer fans. Galleries. Sports. Interviews. Long Reads.Getting Naked on the Cover of Rolling Stone. 5 Seconds of Summer: Guitars, Good Looks and Screaming Girls. See 5 Seconds of Summers Emotional Jet Black Heart Video. 5 Seconds Of Summer Gets Nakked On Rolling Stone - Duration: 1:23. CDS Hollywood Insight 8,383 views.5SOS: Full Interview - Duration: 10:18. The latest issue of Rolling Stone features 5 Seconds Of Summer like youve never seen the group before. For the cover (above), members Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford all pose nude, with messages like RUN AWAY 5 Seconds of Summer Joke Theyre The Biggest Band That No Ones Ever Heard Of: Watch. The Australian rock band was in the buff on their recent Rolling Stone cover, and according to Irwin, his thigh looks thinner in the photo. 5 Seconds of Summer began on YouTube and was the opening band for One Direction in a 2013 tour, but now the music has taken on a life of its own (including a 7.4M Twitter following).The song begins with a guitar riff that the band describes as "desert cowboy" in an interview with Rolling Stone.at the second-from-the-left dude and thinking I didnt know Liam McPoyle had a son who was in a band, its actually a band called 5 Seconds of Summer.Anyway, 5SOS recently did an interview with Rolling Stone, during which their guitarist, Michael Clifford (the Chuckie Finster looking one that "5 Seconds of Summer Guitarist Michael Clifford Talks New Sound Direction of Third Album: Interview".Rolling Stone. Someone draw us a cold bath because 5 Seconds Of Summer — arguably, the worlds hottest band — got[hlamazonns]. Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin look great on the January 2016 cover of Rolling Stone, but their accompanying interview is causing outrage. Rolling StoneVerified account. RollingStone.Embed Tweet. Replying to RollingStone. Yeah, last time I checked, 5 seconds of summer are not pop punk. Martin Schoeller for Rolling Stone. Holiday week was something of a roller coaster ride for fans of 5 Seconds of Summer.April 22, 2014. 5 Seconds of Summer is ready to party as they sit down for an exclusive interview with SiriusXMs Hits 1 Mikey Piff in New York City. more ». Los Angeles Australian band, 5 Seconds of Summer have found themselves in a couple of spats over the festive season and exposed them to Rolling Stone magazine.

Michael spoke about Justin in his interview, saying: "I think he hates us. 5 Seconds Of Summer have given a particularly frank interview in Rolling Stone magazine and fans are struggling with what they have learned. Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford spoke to the legendary magazine about what its like to make it big as a boyband 5 Seconds of Summer cause outrage with disgusting Rolling Stone interview as they pose naked - Mirror Online.5 Seconds of Summer Discuss Desert Cowboy Riff in Shes Kinda Hot.

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