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free for limited time only. Hong Kong Tax Calculator.Rating. NA. Size. HK tax app is developed for whom would like to estimate how much tax needs to be paid in coming year. Rates of personal taxation in Hong Kong are amongst the lowest in the Asia Pacific region and the calculation of taxable income is in most instances relatively straightforward. However, tax liabilities can be further reduced by careful planning. Try our instant tax calculator and find out how much you have to pay as corporate tax and dividend tax in Hong Kong. Our calculator also indicates the existence of any double taxation treaty signed with your country of residence.Hong Kong Rating for Investments. Salaries Tax payable is calculated at progressive rates on your net chargeable income or at standard rate on your net income, whichever is lower.If you carry on any trade, profession or business in Hong Kong, you have to pay tax on your profits. Its refreshingly simple, residents and expats enjoy a relatively low rate of tax and no one pays more that 17 percent (this varies from time to time).In depth and up to date reading can be found at the Hong Kong Governments website, where they have a very handy online tax calculator Salaries Tax payable is calculated at progressive rates on your net chargeable income or at standard rate on your net income, whichever is lower.

How to open a HK Bank Account? Contact. Home/. Hong Kong Tax Calculators. Hong Kong tax resident companies are taxed on a territorial basis, which means that they are taxed only on income generated or accrued from Hong Kong.Corporation tax is levied on taxable income at the rate of 16.5. DIVIDENDS. View charges. This is a high-level calculation using averages based on lane. and transportation mode. The report records the results.Rates are in Hong Kong dollars and exclude customs duties, taxes, clearance-related charges, VAT and all surcharges.

The tax rates in Hong Kong are determined by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).Salaries tax is chargeable in the following two waysUsing the IRD Tax Calculator, you can calculate and find out how much tax liabilities you owe to the Hong Kong government for the year assessment. Fortunately, the usual Hong Kong income tax rate is fairly low.To find out how much salaries tax you will approximately have to pay in Hong Kong, check out the online tax calculator for your relevant assessment year under the section Tax Computation. The best source of information about Hong Kong Sales Tax Rates, Tax Forms, Tax Filing Deadlines.No liability will be accepted for the outcome. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy - 2018 - Copyright The approach to calculating tax in Hong Kong is a little different to that taken in much of Europe, so its important to understand your duties.Hong Kong income tax rate () 2017. Up to HK45,000. 2. Tax Rates Hong Kong What the official Hong Kong tax rate is for income tax, social security and public health insurance.The income tax rate in Hong Kong varies according to your level of earnings. Android App 101> Finance Android Apps > Hong Kong Property Tax Calculator .It uses latest tax rate to calculate accurate amount of tax. How to use: Simply enter the relevant data. Other taxes Other important taxes imposed include the following: Property tax Property tax is charged at a standard rate of 15 on the net assessable value of any land or buildings in Hong Kong. Progressive Tax Rates 2013/14. Net chargeable Income HK per year. Rate.The Hong Kong Salaries Tax Calculator will assist you in assessing your liabilities under Hong Kong Salaries Tax. Calculate import duty, custom clearance fees, and related taxes when you are importing goods from countries such as USA, China, Hong Kong, Russia and India.Exchange rate updated on 04/01/17 Calculator version 2.2.1-en (04/04/14) Latest changes and updates. How to use. Corporate Tax Rate in Hong Kong averaged 16.57 percent from 1997 until 2018, reaching an all time high of 17.50 percent in 2004 and a record low of 16 percent in 1999. In Hong Kong, the Corporate Income tax rate is a tax collected from companies. Hong Kong Dollar to Energo Converter. Convert HKD to TSL.Crosslytics currency pair converter allows you to see both rate and historical price chart between Hong Kong Dollar and Energo. HK tax app is developed for whom would like to estimate how much tax needs to be paid in coming year. Cityray Technology (China) Ltd. is a well-known HR-IT company found in HK since 1987.Salaries Tax Calculator (Hong Kong). Also available Official Calculator by IRD and tax rate table . . Example of a standard personal income tax calculation in Hong Kong Tax Calculator for Hong Kong: Calculates income tax, social security and other deductions Track Hong Kong Dollar forex rate changes, track Hong Kong Dollar historical changes. Directory of best currency transfer providers, compare to exchange rates when sending money from Hong Kong.Rates. Calculator. Send Money. Historical. Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). HK. Local taxes in Hong Kong apply both to individuals and companies. In fact, different types of taxes are deducted from revenue.The rates for income taxation in the region are notably low, you are likely to pay individual income tax at a rate of 15 (tax in Hong Kong is progressive, the more you earn the MD Tax Calculator for PC 1.4. Calculate Taxes with a variable Taxrate.Tax Culculator for PC 1.2. the price to set the tax rate.Including tax price will be displayed.(Color. 6 April 2016. 500 - 1,000 Downloads. This is the first and only one Hong Kong salaries tax calculator in the App Store. Its very powerful,yet easy to use. Its an excellent tool for all families. The new tax rates for 2012-2013 was updated! Patent Application in Hong Kong.Conpak CPA Limited designs a brand new, easy and convenient individual income tax calculator for individual. Functions Hong Kong Tax Calculator Support. Whats New in Version 1.4. Compatible with iOS5.0 now.Rated 4. Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. You can calculate your tax liabilities under Hong Kong salaries tax or personal assessment by using the IRD Tax Calculator for the relevant yearTake out a tax loan from banks or non-bank lenders in Hong Kong interest rates for tax loans are lower than regular personal loans and easier to apply for. The following calculator provides quick computation of income tax payable and compulsory social insurance obligations.The following table contains rates and the base and cap wages for calculation of employee and employer socialBeijing - Shanghai - Shenzhen - Hong Kong - Paris. Hong Kong Tax Calculator 1.4. Cityray Technology (China) Limited in Mobile Finance.Tax brackets show percentage of tax that you pay on additional income. The higher is your taxable income, the higher is your federal tax rate. A survey of income tax, social security tax rates and tax legislation impacting expatriate employees working in Hong Kong.There is no general income tax in Hong Kong. For income to be subject to tax, it must fall within one of the specific heads of taxation. Assessable profits of corporation are taxed at the corporate tax rate of 16.5. There are some tax incentives for special business operations, such as tax exemption for profits derived by offshore funds and profits derived from operating ships in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong tax system is territorial in nature, with tax levied on income arising in or derived from Hong Kong. Hong Kong has one of the least cumbersome tax regimes among developed economies, and prides itself on its simple tax system and low rates. The Hong Kong Salaries Tax Calculator is a tool for individual income tax (IIT) calculation, in accordance with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance. It is the first calculator which supports the 2017/18 Hong Kong Budget Proposal, with user-friendly interface and comprehensive functions. Calculate your taxes in Hong Kong with our free and easy-to-use tax calculator!The best source of information about Hong Kong Sales Tax Rates, Tax Forms, Tax Filing Deadlines. So, youve converted 500 Electroneum to 285.311850 Hong Kong Dollar. We used 1.752468 International Currency Rate. We added the most popular Currencies and CryptoCurrencies for our Calculator. This is the first and only one Hong Kong salaries tax calculator in the App Store.The new tax rates for 2012-2013 was updated! Just simply enter a few details about yourself, press " Calculate" to view concise, clear and detailed income tax report. Salaries Tax.

Charged on Hong Kong sourced remuneration inclusive of certain benefits in kind.Tax rates and allowances The tax charge is the lower of: a) the standard rate of 15 applying to net chargeable income before personal allowances b) the progressive rates applying to net chargeable Tax Calculator for Hong Kong: Calculates income tax, social security and other deductions for contractors and employees in Hong Kong.Tax Rate In Hong Kong. Latvian lats to Hong Kong dollar (LVL—HKD) measurement units conversion.Rate Mass Flux Molar Concentration Mass Concentration in a Solution Dynamic (Absolute) Viscosity Kinematic Viscosity Surface Tension PermeationDid you know that human urine was taxed in Ancient Rome? Note: To estimate your Hong Kong personal income tax, please refer to Hong Kong Tax Calculator.The progressive rates of tax imposed on an individuals net chargeable income in Hong Kong are as follows 2016 Salaries Tax Tables. Net chargeable income First HK 40,000 Next HK 40,000 Next HK 40,000 Remainder Standard rates of tax.In Hong Kong, the tax year runs from 1 April through 31 March of the following year. Advanced Draw Tech Limited, the publisher behind many iOS app (Recorder on Watch , ,Canada Income Tax Calculator ,Canadian Sales Tax ,GST calculator (HD) ,Salaries Tax Calculator (Hong Kong)), brings Salariesthe new tax rates for 2012 2013 was updated. found in 1 reviews. Studying in Hong Kong. Immigration Services.However, you should use the simple Tax Calculator developed by the Inland Revenue Department to find out whether your tax payable will be calculated at standard rate or at progressive rate. Current Tax Rates in Hong Kong Tax Rates for Companies Income Tax Rate Tax rate for corporations 16.5 Tax rate on capital gains 0 Tax rate on shareholderTo estimate your Hong Kong taxes and compare them with those in your home country, refer to Online Tax Calculator. Latest Questions. questionanswertax rate in hong kong calculator? Penalty Calculator Interest Calculator Deposit Penalty Calculator Tax Brackets CalculatorGrenada Guam Guatemala Guinea Guyana Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Isle of Man Israel ItalyIf Taxable Income is Between. Rate. and. Your Share. Personal Instalment Loan / Tax Season Loan. Calculate. Repayment Schedule. Loan Amount (HK). Monthly Flat Rate. Tenor (months). Handling Fee (per annum). Total Interest for the Loan ( HK). The corporate tax rate in Hong Kong is 16.5. While its not the lowest tax rate in the world (especially compared to many Eastern European countries), it definitely qualifies as a generously low rate. Under Article 108 of the Basic Law of Hong Kong, the taxation system in Hong Kong is independent of, and different from, the taxation system in mainland China. In addition, under Article 106 of the Hong Kong Basic Law, Hong Kong enjoys independent public finance

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