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Hilti has provided threaded rod for many years for post-installed anchoring applications for Hilti adhesive anchor systems.Threaded Rod Specification. HIT-V Conforms to ultimate strength of ASTM A 307 Grade A 1,10.-- Vsa. lb 2,325 5,110 8,135 12,040 - 21,805 -. (kN). (10.3). 90 110 125 170 210. h (min).HAS-HCR. www.hilti.com Hilti registered trademark of Hilti Corporation, Schaan, LI.Tinst HAS HAS-R HAS-HCR. c. Manufacturers Name Address Not specified. Hilti Liechtenstein Hilti Corporation, FL-9494 Principality of Liechtenstein.and HAS-R M16 M20 have no approval.Ykk ap facade hong kong ltd. Product Std stud anchor HSA M10X90/20/25 Std stud anchor HSA M12X100/5/25 Std Steel Design Strength for Stainless Steel Hilti HAS Threaded Rods.See CSA A23.3-.

04 (R2010) Annex D for additional information on seismic applications. 4 HAS Stainless Steel threaded rods and HIT-Z-R Anchor Rods are considered brittle. Hilti HIT-HY 170 mortar with HIT-V rod. InjInjection preparation.

Tightly attach new Hilti mixing nozzle HIT-RE-M to foil pack manifold (snug fit).Mark and set element to the required embedment depth until working time twork has elapsed.M8x90 490 800 700 700 390. Yield strength fyk.M10x110 30,7 21,9. S Y Taglio / Shearing stress H Mt. Es. des.: 0.007928.E - Barra filettata per tassello chimico HAS M16x125/38 - Hilti O equivalente. Hilti HIT-HY 150 MAX with HIT-V / HAS. Injection mortar system. Benefits.Anchor rod HAS, HAS-R, HAS-HCR HAS-E, HAS-E-R. Embedment depth. hef [mm].M10x110 30,7 21,9. Hilti HIT-HY 150 MAX with HIT-V / HAS. Injection mortar system. Benefits.- manual cleaning for anchor size M8 to M16 and embedment depth hef 10d for non-cracked concrete only.Anchor rod HIT-V, HIT-V-R, HIT-V-HCR. M8x80 M10x90 M12x110 M16x125 M20x170 M24x210 M27x240 M10 19,3 30,7 21,9 30,7 12,0 18,4 12,8 18,4 29,6 48,0 33,4 48,0.Observe sieve sleeve order in case of different sieve sleeve lengths: shorter sleeve has to be plugged into longer sleeve.Tightly attach new Hilti mixing nozzle HIT-RE-M to foil pack manifold (snug fit). Do not modify the mixing nozzle. 10.HILTI HAS-E-R on chemical anchor HILTI HVU capsule.Химический анкер Hilti для бетона - Продолжительность: 1:20 ArendainstrumentaRu 15 699 просмотров. Hilti HIT-HY 200 with HIT-V. Setting instructions Injection preparation. Tightly attach new HiltiMark and set element to the required embedment depth untill working time twork has elapsed.Anchor size Nominal diameter of drill bit Diameter of element. M8x90 M10x110 M12x125 M16x170 M20x205. Hilti Drive Pins. You are getting 21 boxes of 100.239.90. Купить сейчас. или предложение «Лучшая цена».Just the pins. Should be 1200 plus pins at 10 to a strip. HRT-WH Rail anchor with Hilti HVU. or Hilti HIT-RE 500. HVU M20x110.Hilti HRT-I (elastic) Rail Anchor. Bolt (M22, SW32) Material: 10.9 (DIN 931,EN ISO 4014,), hot dipped galvanized Head: Hexagonal. http://spacecad.ru/hilti-bloki-autocad/ Анкерный крепеж HILTI. Анкерный крепеж HILTI сертифицирован в соответствии с международными и отечественными стандартам Rfrence produit HAS-R M10x90/21.HILTI (CHINA) LTD. Yongping Road, South, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, PRC. Аксессуары для инъецирования Hilti HIT Profi. Защитные очки DX.- Шпилька HAS-E M10X90/21. шт. 60.00. Hilti HIT-HY 10 Adhesive Anchor System. Injection mortar system.hef [mm]. 80. 90 110 125 125 145.Threaded rod HIT-V-R, HAS-(E)R Internal threaded sleeve a) HIS-N Internal threaded sleeve a) HIS-RN. 40 pieces Hilti MQA m8 rail system quick links about 9 pieces Hilti MQA m 10 rail system quick access approximately 59 units Hilti nails X-EDNI 16P8 for nail gun ca.25 kg Tedv8c77 Description: Serial number 017396, 230 V, 50 - 60 Hz, 9 A, 2070 W, ATTENTION: device has an unknown defect! Figure 10: Hilti X-HVB installed in profile deck.Figure 11: Hilti X-HVB shear connector and X-ENP-21 HVB nail. Hilti X-HVB shear connectors areTest results have shown that Hilti X-HVB shear connectors are ductile and meet the Eurocode 4 requirements for connections with plastic properties. Hilti HIT-RE 500-SD en Hammer drilling Diamond coring Hollow drill bit es Taladrado con martillo Taladrado con diamante Taladro con broca hueca y aspiracin fr Perage avec percussion Forage au diamant Foret creux pt Perfurar de martelo Perfurar com equipamentoPage 21. Hilti Expansion Anchors - HST3-R - Ultimate-performance expansion anchor for cracked concrete and seismic (A4 SS).TWD 21,136.00 / 100 Piece. Ordering product details.Safety stud anchor HST3-R M10x110 50/30. Item number 2105866. More details.Piece. Check availability. Safety stud anchor HST3-R M12x185 110/90. Hilti Anchor programme. Basic loading data (for a single anchor): HVU capsule with HAS, HAS-E. All data on this page applies to.10,0 two anchors, use the general. Injection mortar system. Benefits. Hilti HIT-HY 70 330 ml foil pack (also available as 500 ml and 1400 ml foil pack).Wienerberger Thermobrick fb b) 21 N/mm L x H x B [mm] 285x135x138.Setting details HIT-AC, HIT-V, HIT-V, HAS, HAS-E, HAS-R. Anchor size. m uuuu 0 d [mm]. M8 M10 M12 M16 M20.- Failure to observe the instructions for use and setting data, incorrect use - Inadequate design of the anchor points, inadequate load bearing capacity of the base material - O ther influences of w hich Hilti is not aw are or on w hich Hilti has no influence 557. Hilti HIT-RE 500 mortar with HIT-V / HAS rod. For diamond drilling: Mean ultimate resistance: concrete C 20/25 f. ck,cube.[mm]. M8 M8x90. Hilti Catalogue 2016/2017. First page Previous page 545 Next page Last page.Anchor rod (A4 stainless steel) HAS-E-R Technical data Material composition Steel, A4 (SS316) EnvironmentalHAS-E-R M8x80/14 HAS-E-R M8x80/54 HAS-E-R M8x80/114 HAS-E-R M10x90/21 HAS -E-R Hilti HIT-ICE with HIT-V / HAS Anchor dimensions Anchor size M8 M10 M12 M16 M20 M24 Anchor rod HAS, HAS-E, HAS-R, HAS-ER HAS-HCR M8x80 M10x90Curing time for general conditions Hilti technical data Curing time before anchor can be fully loaded t cure 32 C 35 min 1 min 21 C 45 min 2 Hilti Expansion Anchors - HST3-R - Ultimate-performance expansion anchor for cracked concrete and seismic (A4 SS).Check availability. HST3 M10x90 Stainless Mega Combo.Please note, the order volume has been updated. This is due to package and minimum order quantities. Hilti HIT-HY 150 with HIT-V / HAS. Basic loading data (for a single anchor). All data in this section applies to.Anchor rod HAS, HAS-R, HAS-HCR HAS-E, HAS-E-R. Embedment depth. hef [mm].Mechanical properties of HIS-(R)N. Anchor size. M8x90. Nominal tensile strength fuk.M10x110 30,7 21,9. A socket drive is then placed over the setting tool (same size as HAS rod) and using an appropriate shaft, the sleeves are set using a Hilti rotary hammer.Item Ordering no. designation. Steel (Grade 5.8 - 500 MPa) zinc plated 332219 HAS-E M8 x 80/14 332220 HAS-E M10 x 90/21 332221 HAS-E Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon.Specifications for this item. Brand Name.

HILTI. EAN.4.3 out of 5 stars 10. We are always happy to assist you. Hilti Hvu Has.HVU adhesive capsule Hole depth, ho (mm) With external thread with rods HAS, HAS-R HAS-E, HAS-ER Hole dia do (mm) With internal thread HIS-NHas-e-r M8 80/14 has-e-r M8 80/54 has-e-r M10 80/114 has-e-r M10 90/21 has-e-r. Unique foil packaging and compatible Hilti HIT injection system makes handling extremely easy. Foil pack for minimized disposal costs due to less wastage.Anchor size. Has-e-f M8X80/14 has-e-f M10X90/21 has-e-f M12X110/28 has-e-f M12X110/88 has-e-f M12X110/128 has-e-f Hilti HIT-CT 1 with HIT-V. Injection mortar system. Benefits. - Hilti Clean technology (clean-Tec).For spacing (or edge distance) smaller than critical spacing (or critical edge distance) the design loads have to be reduced.[kN] 7,7. 10,1 14,7 21,6. Filter insert. 21. Diamond systems. D-LP32/ DS-TS32 modular wall saw system, adaptable to individual requirements.Various fastener options HAS and HIS-N anchor rods Rebars (not in Hilti product range).5 microns. Ordering designation. HAS-E M 8x80/14 HAS-E M 8x80/54 HAS-E M 10x90/21 c,N Npr,cr Vsr Vsr,seismic. kN kN kN. Nominal anchor diameter M10 M12 M16 HDA HDA- R HDA HDA-R HDA HDA-R 19 21 29 100 125The HSL anchor has been tested under shock, seismic and fatigue (2 x 106 cycles) loading conditions. Contact your Hilti Field Engineer for additional information. Item no. 304255 304257. Given loads only apply if Hilti HST-R anchors are used. If the direction of force is not known, or changing, the fixed point must be braced on both sides.MP-MXI-F 21/2 M10/M12. Data for other concrete strength classes according to Hilti Technical Data assessment.M10 40 60. 12,8 20,0 12,8 20,0. 21,9 23,6 25,6 25,3.120 90. For spacing (edge distance) smaller than critical spacing (critical edge distance) the design loads have to be reduced. Anchor Systems. Hilti. Outperform. Outlast. 188 Anchor Systems Contents Page. www. hilti.co.za | 08000 23331.1x Anchor rod HAS-E-R M10X90/21. 10 Diamond core drilling with Hilti HIT-Z(-R) rods is permitted with no reduction in published data above.1 Install using (2) washers. See Figure 11. Figure 10 - HAS threaded rods. Установка Анкерной шпильки HILTI HAS-E-R с помощью Установочного устройства HILTI TE-Y-E M24,на химический анкер с капсулой из фольги HILTI HVU перфоратором SDS MAX Химический анкер Hilti для бетона Установочное устройство TE-Y-E M24, Химический анкер с капсулой из - two mortar (Hilti HIT-HY 200-A and Hilti HIT-HY 200-R) versions available with different curing times and same performance.Mark the element and check the setting depth and compress the drilling dust. The element has to fit in the hole until the required embedment depth.[kN] [kN]. M8x90 10,4. www.hilti.group. 241. Anchor rod (stainless metric) Hilti HIT-Z-R. Key applications and advantages. Fastenings in cracked and uncracked.1x Anchor rod HAS-E-R M10X90/21. My perm. min. (Wy1, Wy2) 3) The channel length is max. 6.0 m. Contact Hilti technical staff about channels longer than 6.0 m! Single load kg 1 .45 m M10x10-10.9-HDG as per DIN 933 17 40 Nm 3D system (HDG) Description Weight each (g) Packaging contents (pcs) Basic unit 90 angle 45 Visit Hilti Online. US www.us.hilti.com Canada www.ca.hilti.com. 219.2 See page 225 for different load and support conditions. 3 Self weight of member has not been taken into account for uniform loads above.Description. MS-21D 10. Установка Анкерной шпильки HILTI HAS-E-R с помощью Установочного устройства HILTI TE-Y-E M24,н Hilti have developed a range of anchor products so that fastening solutions can be offered in these corrosive environments.182mm 240mm 290mm HIS-N internally threaded sleeve with cover cap Item no. 5 microns 258015 HIS-N M8 x 90 (forHAS-E-R M10 HAS-E. HAS-E-R anchor rods.com. The new Hilti HIT-HY 200 fastening system has landed. Now you can set anchor rods reliably, without cleaning the holes, achieving topOrdering designation. Anchor size. Has-e-hcr M8X80/14 has-e-hcr M10X90/21 has-e-hcr M12X110/28 has-e-hcr M20X170/48 has-e-hcr M24X210/54. Hilti HIT-HY 200-R 500 ml foil pack (also available as 330 ml foil pack). Static mixer. Benefits.M8. M10. M12. Te 2 te 40.The element has to fit in the hole until the required embedment depth. If it is not possible to compress the dust, remove the dust in the drill hole or drill deeper. 5.21 Hilti HIT-HY 200 adhesive anchors and post-installed reinforcing bars may be used to resist tension and shear forces in floor, wall, and overhead installations only if installation is into concrete with a temperature between 14F and 104F (-10C and 40C) for threaded rods, rebar, and Hilti HIS-(R)

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