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An interview should be an opportunity for both the interviewer and potential candidate to ask questions. Here are five questions to create discussion. College Interview Questions. Interviews are an intrinsic part of a college admission procedure. Interviewers seek to pick out the suitable students by scrutinizing their score cards, submitted essays, resumes and finally their interview.Commonly asked college admission interview questions. Its the end of the interview. The employer asks, Do you have any questions for me?. And your mind goes blank. Maybe youre a shy person. Maybe you cant think of anything smart to say at that moment. But you have to say something. Here are some suggestions for effective questions to ask at the end of your job interview.Before you pick and choose from the following top 10, be sure to consider the culture of the organisation and the interviewer doing the selecting. You would be surprised how many times interviewees ask a question only to look away or seem uninterested in the response.In addition to information they glean, the questions you ask also tell the interviewer something about you. Three career placement services advisors at Rasmussen College have teamed up to identify the best questions to ask employers in an interview—all questions that will position yourself for interviewing success. Welcome to College Confidential! The leading college-bound community on the web.With my interview scheduled for tomorrow, what are some good questions to ask my interviewer about their experiences at Stanford? Conclusion: Remember to ask these questions at a relevant time and direct them to the appropriate interviewer. For example, questions belonging to category 1 are most apt for a Project Manager or a technical interviewer. 9 good questions to ask in an interview. Interviews arent just about giving the right answers—theyre about asking the right questions.Dont squander the opportunity to shine by asking mundane questions the interviewer has heard before. accepted10percent.coms list of potential questions to ask your interviewer.

A helpful resoucre for college interview preparation.For example for your Princeton interview, ask about your interviewers Senior Thesis. Personal questions can be great questions because your interviewer is likely to want to provide guidance, and many people enjoy talking about themselves. Here are a couple of good personal questions to ask your college interviewer A Brown University alumni interviewer summed it up perfectly in a discussion with College Confidential, Your questions reflect you. I learn about students by what they ask.

Here are 10 college interview questions to help you prepare and shake those nerves off. Its also just as important for you to ask your college interviewer questions! Youll be meeting someone who went to the college youre applying to. Ask your interviewer about the students who are involved in these programs. See if you can learn more about how they might better prepare you for college.You may have many more specific questions based on your interests and goals dont be afraid to ask them! Prepare relevant and thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer using the information you are able to gather on the company. "How has the recent merger impacted on the company?" "Your new CEO comes from a main competitor 10 Interview Questions You Can Ask the Interviewer. Share. Flipboard.8 Questions to Ask a New College Roommate. College Interview Prep: How to Answer What Do You Want to Major In? Questions For Candidates To Ask An Interviewer. So, do you have any questions you would like to ask? While job seekers go to great lengths to prepare responses to anticipated interview questions, this one frequently catches individuals off guard. What Questions Should I Ask? For many interviewers, this is the most important part of the interview. For them, the questions you ask indicate the degree of seriousness with which youre approaching the interviewers college and the college decision generally. You can learn a lot about an open position through the basic application process, but to really get the down and dirty about what will be expected of you, you need to make sure you prepare good questions to ask the interviewer as well.

This question gives you a chance to chronicle your college experience and why you chose your degree/major.You should always have a set of smart and intelligent questions to ask the interviewer. Are you armed with pertinent questions to ask the interviewer? Surprised? Most of us, in our endeavor to bag the deal, often downplay the importance of interviewing the interviewer while a few others relatively deem it as improper to question the querier. Imagine this scenario: you get to the end of an amazing college interview -- your dream college interview, to be exact -- and your interviewer asks you if you have any questions. You could shake your head with a polite, No, youve answered everything! Everyone seems to think there is one single set of questions to ask interviewers at the end of a job interview, but there isnt instead its a combination of formula and technique. The answers to the questions they ask you (Can You Answer These 10 College Interview Questions?) are important.Most importantly, ask questions that cannot be found on the college website. Its a waste of the interviewers time and yours. By asking this question, the interviewer is checking your ability to implement logical decisions.Q11: Questions on confidential matters. Your interviewer may press you for this information for two Use a logical framework Apply the principles you learned in business colleges as a framework. Soon, college seniors will begin the job hunt, and other students will start searching for summer work. Its a great time to review common job interview questions and how to answer them. But what do you do when the interviewer asks if you have any questions? Why Register? College Recruiter is the leading job board for college students searching for internships and recent graduates hunting forWe heard from a job seeker who was wondering how to prepare for a third (and hopefully final) interview, specifically what kinds of questions to ask of the interviewer. Questions to Ask at the Job Interview. One of the last questions the interviewer will ask you is "Do you have any questions?"You should always prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer before going to the interview. In addition, if you dont prepare smart questions, you run the risk of the interviewer assuming you arent interested or havent prepared. Your opportunity to ask questions usually comes at the end of the interview. Ask New Question. Kelsey Browning, an intern 6 times over, received 10 internship offers in college.What are some good questions to ask the interviewer during a programming interview? Ask questions that the interviewer would actually have a knowledge of or may take an interest in. Ask about research opportunities and community outreach programs through the college of pharmacy. Interviewers expect you to ask some questions about the position and the organization. Its one way to demonstrate your genuine interest in the position.Find information on ways to give to the College of Liberal Arts. Heres a list of suggested questions to ask the interviewer so you can ensure the company is a good match for your qualifications and interests.For example, if you see a college banner on the employers wall, you can certainly ask if he went to that college. The 5 Best Questions To Ask Your College Interviewer By Kema Christian-Taylor Imagine this scenario: you get to the end of an amazing college interview -- your dream college interview, t College Admissions Interviews So, be thoughtful. Certainly, you want the interviewers to believe that your weakness will not keep you from being successful as a college student. Who is a role model for you? When interviewers ask this question, their intent is to learn something about you through your answer. Prospective business school students need to ask good questions during the admissions interview. (iStockPhoto).While an admissions dean, I looked for interviewer feedback about the types of questions the applicant asked. Impress Interviewers With Smart Questions. Top Interview Tips To Crush Your Interview. How To Introduce Yourself Interview Tips In Hindi.Good Questions To Ask Your Interviewer During A College Interview. Youre ready to answer questions in your college interview, but are you ready to ask them? Here, 4 great questions to ask your interviewer. 10 Typical College Interview Questions. Tell me about yourself: Your child may fret about what the interviewer is really looking for, but when asked early on, this is a warm-up question, an easy lob that starts the conversation rolling. Asking questions will show off your interest and preparation while also convincing your employer that you would fit in perfectly. But what questions should you ask your interviewer without coming across as an inexperienced fool? One of the best ways to convey confidence is to have a good number of well thought out questions for the interviewer. Many interviewers are themselves new to the process and will google questions to ask prospective employees. Always ask questions in your job interview. Heres a look at the top 5 questions to ask your interviewer, and what they do for you.Android and iOS Apps for jobseekers - Now you can take tips and tools with you on your phone with these free apps from Career Confidential. College Life.Go ahead and ask! These are common questions that interviewers are asked, but its quite informative. The answer will tell you if its a two week or three month long process, if you are going to have three interviews or six interviews, or submit any paperwork. 2. Have you got any questions? At the end of the interview, it is likely that you will be given the chance to put your own questions to the interviewer.Interviewer: Well, that seems to have covered everything: is there anything you would like to ask me? This seemingly straightforward question accomplishes a number of things. First of all, its a good check of the ability to keep confidential information secret, asSee if candidates ask relevant questions about the situation and observe their thought process in determining how to resolve the situation. Taking an interest in the interview is one component, however what recognizes competitors from the others is the point at which they effectively partake with the interviewee by making questions .9 things to ask the interviewer Universities Colleges.A good interviewer will give you an opportunity to ask him questions or voice out any concerns you may have during the course of the interview. Answering an interview soon and want to know what some of the queries are that you can ask an interviewer? The following article will provide you with the much-needed information. Your interviewer will expect you to ask some questions about the school and talk questions with answers that cannot be easily found on the collegesIf you cant answer your security questions, you will be locked out of your Information shared during an interview is confidential and should be Thank you, that was really helpful, although Im a bit iffy on the whole ask the interviewer questions thing arent you supposed to appear knowledgable about the college already?Pingback: PUNCH NEWSLETTER December 2012 - College Confidential.

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