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Im more than happy to assist you today. You have two options when facing the problem that your PHP code is not executing in an HTML page. Since the web server thinks the page is written in HTML, it does not know to execute the PHP code. In above html code, we printed Hello world in php code. To write php code in html we should use tags. Integrating php and html is very easy thing.This can be confusing for new PHP coders. I tried htmlentities but that made the PHP code visible to the page and not hardwired into the file. Thanks for any help. php html fopen fwrite fgets asked Apr 13 16 at 11:48 Alex Groves 16 5 Does it add standard ASCII text - as in - you KNOW that the writing process itself works Also some people say that pages with a .html extension rank more in search engines when compared to . php.Now its time to test if the changes made actually work. Create any file with a . html e.g. phpcode.html. Write the following PHP code to that file. How to write php code in js file. Is my program i divide the pages as a div in the first div i added this code

Super useful bits of PHP, Form and JavaScript code. All code on this page is considered by us to contain thescript type"text/javascript"> jsvar document. write(jsvar)INSIDE "page1.php" or "page1.html".

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